You Matter



I am glad your reading this because in means you have an invested interested into your teens life. This makes us so happy. What you do – who you are – matters so much. We are so grateful for you!


We understand how critically of a role parents play in the healthy development of a teenager. We also understand how difficult it is. We want to make sure you know that we are your number one fan. What you do matters and we are here first and foremost to support you in that. However we can help or just be available to walk along side, were here.


Below is some common Question and Answers that we often run into. Hopefully they will help inform you of what really happens in the youth ministry. To the right you will find updates, and current information relating to the youth ministry.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any comments or questions.

Is it Christian? What do you teach?

Yes. We are a member of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church of Canada and hold to their statement of faith.


We also understand that there are a lot of different issues that teenagers are wrestling with. We want to create a safe environment where they can ask some tough questions. We do believe that the bible is applicable today and holds truth that will change there lives. Our hope, is that the teens will discover this for themselves.

Throughout a year we will discuss different topics from identity, to fear, to even areas of sexuality, and social justice. We teach these from a biblical perspective, but with an open dialogue context – meaning every teen has the opportunity and right to question. We welcome different worldviews as we engage in discussion together.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


How do I get more information on events?

One of the main reasons why we created this webpage was to provide the resources you need to be informed about whats happening. If you check out our “calendar” section at the top (or click here), you will be able to see whats happening. When you click on event it should have all the information you need from address, time to even permission forms.


What if an event is cancelled?

In the case that an event is cancelled (due to weather or some other unforeseen circumstance) we will communicate with parents as best as we can. The cancellation notice will be posted in the following locations

– The calendar tab  – the word Cancelled will now appear on the name of the event

– On this page

– On our Facebook page

– Our Twitter feed


If your still uncertain, please feel free to contact us


Who are the leaders responsible for my teen?

We understand the level of trust that goes into leaving your teen under the care of the youth ministry. As a result, we want to bridge the gap between their leader and you. Please check out our “your leaders” section (or click here) where you can see a list of all the leaders currently serving in the youth ministry. As well as a little more information on each one of them.


If you would like to further connect with them I know they would be happy to connect with you if they haven’t yet. Contact us at the church and we will get you in touch.

What sort of protection is in place?

Our desire is to create a safe atmosphere with the CAC Youth Group. The follow practices are put in place to help ensure this:


All of our leaders are trained with Plan to Protect ( This training takes place every year in the fall with various refreshers.

All of our leaders must go through an application process.

All of our leaders must have a recent police check .

All of our leaders fill our a drivers agreement contract.


If you have any questions about safety, please contact Pastor Nathan and he would be happy to answer them.